The Warring States period is about to reach its’ end. Follow the great army of Qin Shi Huang to complete the Unification of China.

There are no paylines on Warrior, as the game uses the Cluster Pays mechanic, which means there are no traditional paylines. To achieve a win, you need to amass groups of four or more matching symbols horizontally and/or vertically. It is just like playing Candy Crush, only in a slots format and with loads more features. Winning symbols disappear from the reels and new symbols drop down from above, with this process continuing until no more wins are achieved. It is then time to spin again.

It is the bonus features that make Warrior feel like a true battlefield! A rush meter is located to the left of the reels – every time you score a win, the number of symbols involved is logged on the meter. Collect just six symbols, and the Soldier will throw two regular wilds onto the reels in the hope of creating new clusters. Collect 13 symbols and he will award you two striped wilds – if they trigger a win, they will remove all other symbols vertically or horizontally, giving increased chances of a further win. Achieve 25 symbols and Genie gives you two spotted wilds, which destroy all examples of a random symbol when they feature in a win. Once no further wins occur, the rush meter empties, and you are invited to start again with another spin. The ultimate goal is to acquire 38 symbols with a single spin of the reels to move to the next hype feature of the game

And we – a Warrior under the Qin’s army will Fight, Conquer, and take our Spoils of War.

  • Game name Warrior
  • Release Date 14/09/2023