Ranchers Wealth

A day on the farm doesn’t start without the morning call of the rooster. Rise and shine, everyone!!!

Fun and exhilarating new slot game with a farming theme, enjoy life on a farm with familiar animals like cows, pigs, sheep, etc… and of course, you can’t forget the RANCHER

This slot begins with 384 winning ways, but more ways to win unlock as you hit winning combinations. When consecutive tumble wins occur, the straw at each corner of the reel is removed completely and makes way for additional winning ways to be triggered – up to a maximum of 7776. It takes eight consecutive tumbles for all of the winning ways to be unlocked. And trigger the Freespins Feature.

During freespins feature, the game will be played with a maximum of 7776 win ways, and more than that, in each free spin, one special effect will occur and it will boost your win chance and win value dramatically.

7776 win ways Slot Games with INSANE amounts of FREESPINS and a HUGE BONUS. Are you ready for farm life?

  • Game name Ranchers Wealth
  • Release Date 11/08/2021
  • Supported Platforms