This Leprechaun slot game is the first of it’s kind, as you’ll see that unlike other 5×5 grid slots, the symbols don’t fall from above. Instead the slowly rotate from the bottom left hand corner to the centre of the reels, creating wins whenever 3 or more symbols are on horizontal or vertical line

You may think the game is just a gimmick at first ? But you may have to admit that there was something wonderfully different about watching the symbols spin around: like watching a roulette wheel, hoping for the little white ball to land on your number. It’s exciting, especially as the little white ball is actually a key that starts at the bottom left hand corner, and with each win where the symbols explode and disappear, slowly gets closer and closer to the centre

More than that, the game has 4 special features which may trigger to increase your winning chance and help boost the progress of the white ball to let it move to the centre point faster. And, when it reaches the centre point, the Freespins Bonus will trigger, it lets you choose 1 of 4 freespins mode, which 1 of 4 special features will always trigger for each free spin.

To those wonderful swirly spin cascading wins and exploding wilds that brings you closer to the great free spin bars in the sky

  • Game name Leprechaun
  • Release Date 07/07/2022
  • Supported Platforms