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Fish Hunter Haiba

Become lord of the ocean in this brand new gorgeous fish hunting game. Shoot and find your fortune with big and powerful guns.

Third Prince's Journey

Nezha's journey from a mortal boy to become an Immortal and the engaging story that revolves around him.

Peach Banquet

Every six thousand years, Mother Queen of the West will host the famous Peach Banquet, inviting all Immortals to gather and enjoy the Peaches of Immortality.

Tai Shang Lao Jun

Immortal Pills can be made by cooking differents miraculous herbs, heaven plants… etc together with one Stone Monkey. At least that's what Taishang Laojun tried to do.

Witch's Brew

Under the enchanting moonlight, a mysteryous beauty in a dark cloak is brewing something dangerous. What is inside the cauldron that the lovely witch is currently processing? Frog, lizard, mandragora? Beware of a nasty love potion.

Dynamite Reels

Life as a prospector can be hard, until your wildest dream suddenly comes true - a mine filled with gold. An explosive game in full blast!

Bushido Blade

Victory and defeat decided in just a flash of swords. That is the way of Bushido - way of the warriors. Taste the steel of the Bushido Blade.

Empress Regnant

Behold the majestic figure of the one and only true Empress in all China history - Wu Zetian. Be wary not to be charmed by her smiles.

Chinese Boss

Money, women, cars... everything a man can dream of. Make your dream comes true in this luxurious game and enjoy the life of a Chinese Boss.

Caishen Riches

Enjoy the lucky blessing of Caishen in this wonderful game. The God of Fortune is waiting for you so go on, take the risk and take the riches!

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Enter our world of legendary games, the 5 reels, up to 243 ways slot. Gaming World invites players to heat up the power of Dragon Powerflame, the magic of Phoenix888, the connection of Lions Dance and the wealth of Caishen Riches.


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