Fish Hunter Haiba

Set your sights on Kings of the Ocean - enormous monsters of the sea. Lock and load, hunters! Ready for the biggest hunt of this year in this eye-popping HD graphics game of fish hunting.

Prepare your guns and shoot like there's no tomorrow in this brand new beautiful fish hunting game. Fill your eyes with gorgeous scenery of the ocean deep while looting big wins from all the fishes and big BOSS creatures that were hunted. Plenty of guns and ammo types, so you can be armed to the teeth before the horde of sea creatures.

Not only a game, it's a work of art. You are not only playing games, you are immersing yourself in a big and deep ocean world, hunting mythical creatures of old. No more waiting, it's hunting time!!!

High return fish hunting game with big odds, big guns and big BOSS. Become Lord of the Ocean!

  • Game name Fish Hunter Haiba
  • Supported platforms
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